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Unlike most bankruptcy firms that focus exclusively on transactional matters, Consumer Law Pro provides bankruptcy litigation services to both creditors and debtors. Even the most routine bankruptcy cases may involve matters which must be resolved through litigation. Through our broad and in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy laws, we can spot potential issues upfront and advise clients accordingly.

Dedicated primarily to practicing bankruptcy law, Consumer Law Pro has more than a decade of experience dealing with all aspects of bankruptcy, including contested matters and adversarial proceedings. When you work with our Aurora bankruptcy litigation lawyer, you will have direct, one-on-one access to a professional whose sole aim is to resolve your case as efficiently as possible while achieving your legal goals.

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Bankruptcy Litigation Cases

Bankruptcy litigation generally falls into two categories: contested matters and adversarial proceedings. Contested matters generally start out as simple disputes regarding the bankruptcy process. However, if not resolved quickly, they can grow more complicated and become an adversarial proceeding.

Contested matters can include such issues as:

  • Requests to extend or dismiss the automatic stay
  • Object to or modify an existing Chapter 13 plan
  • Object to a specific property exemption
  • Object to a claim for payment from a creditor
  • Request some other action by the court through an objection or the filing of a motion

Both sides can present their case in a hearing with the judge who then rules on the matter.

Adversarial proceedings are separate lawsuits that stem from bankruptcy. They generally involve disputes that must be handled separately, such as seeking injunctions to stop various activities, making an objection to a specific debt discharge, deciding whether a debt is dischargeable, and other issues.

Consumer Law Pro has litigated a wide range of matters before the Bankruptcy and District Court of Colorado, including:

  • Avoidance and preference actions
  • Examination of debtors in Rule 2004 hearings
  • Defending debtors from Involuntary Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Defending and prosecuting exceptions and objections to discharge
  • Representing creditors and debtors in disputes involving debtor-in-possession financing
  • Representing interested parties by filing and prosecuting objections to confirmation of reorganization plans
  • Representing secured creditors in relief from the automatic stay
  • Filing objections to proof of claims
  • Representing debtors in contested matters, including evidentiary confirmation hearings and trials
  • Out-of-court restructuring plans

Delivering Results Quickly & Efficiently

We deliver bankruptcy litigation services more efficiently than most firms by leveraging technology. We use advanced legal research tools to research matters in less time with fewer resources. We also rely on process mapping to graphically depict the workflow and steps required to define the scope of work. By delivering services more efficiently, we can offer alternative fee arrangements based on our deep understanding of the time and resources required for the engagement.

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