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Bankruptcy Document Checklist

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One of the most important steps you can take to prepare for bankruptcy is gathering all required paperwork. At Consumer Law Pro, we understand that your time is valuable, which is why we have worked since 2009 to develop a highly streamlined process that allows you to complete your case as efficiently as possible. The following is a list of documents and information you will need to file. Some filers may need additional documentation, and your attorney will let you know if this is the case. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

  1. Last 2 years of tax returns.
  2. Last 6 months of paycheck stubs. If you are married but filing as an individual, you must also turn over copies of your spouse’s paycheck stubs if you are living together. Your spouse’s credit will not be impacted. Only the dollar amounts from the paystubs will appear on the bankruptcy. Your eligibility to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is determined by your combined household income.
  3. Copies of all correspondence related to your debts. These include collection letters, summons and complaints, and writs of garnishment. If you do not have collection letters, we will rely on your credit reports.
  4. Certificate of completion of an approved credit counseling course. All debtors must complete credit counseling online at or We can help you find other resources, if need be.
  5. A copy of your most recent mortgage and/or auto loan statement, if applicable.
  6. Copies of your retirement account statements, if applicable. For the most part, all retirement accounts are exempt (i.e. protected from liquidation). However, if you recently used nonexempt property (e.g. cash) to fund a retirement account such as an IRA, your attorney can explain how to proceed.
  7. Documentation (e.g. bank statements) showing payments made by anyone contributing to your household expenses.
  8. Documentation of all rental payments received and all related expenses incurred if you are leasing your property to someone else.
  9. Profit and Loss statements for the last 12 months if you are self-employed.
  10. Signed copy of the bankruptcy fee agreement.

We will use the documents and the online questionnaire to prepare your petition, schedules, and other related bankruptcy documents. The petition is at least 45 pages long, and proper organization and execution of these documents is critical to your success.

What About Attorney Fees?

At Consumer Law Pro, we charge a reasonable fixed fee to represent our clients and prepare their bankruptcy petitions. The base fee includes full representation through the order of discharge, and the court charges an additional filing fee. Under Chapter 13, your attorney can be a creditor in your repayment plan.

If you attempt the bankruptcy process on your own, you risk discharging much less than you would have if you had retained qualified counsel. While attorney’s fees will add to the amount you must pay through this procedure, the amount that debtors lose when they represent themselves is always far greater.

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